Hey Everyone,

My name is Robert G. Solomon, I wanted to provide a little detail to my readers about myself so as you surf my site’s you will understand my purpose. This page will be updated as I grow the content based on my readers and their questions robert@robertgsolomon.com. I grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania just outside Pittsburgh and always had ideas of becoming an entrepreneur.

I would go to the book store and buy the latest magazine about science, business, and of course a comic book or two. I think I was about 12-13, yea, that’s around the time my dad let me start cutting my grandfathers grass for ten buck. I did that all summer long until September when the weather started to change. Back then I was really into taking electronic stuff apart like radios and VCR’s to see what this thing was made of. I didn’t have a clue what these parts were or what the heck they did but I would look in the magazine Popular Science to see what I could find out. So, that was around 1982 and this little company called Commodore which introduced one of the first home computers for the public. I wanted one but didn’t have $500.00 and back then that was a lot of money. I figured I was working (Grandpa’s grass) every weekend but only had $130.00 saved up so I made my first business deal with my Grandfather to loan me $370.00. I wrote a proposal with pictures of the computer to show how the it would help with my school work plus keep track of my customers.

The word entrepreneur made me feel so cool because before that I didn’t know any $100 dollar words in 7th grade and still cant spell the damn word. I just thought that would be funny and hope you can relax knowing I am no genius by any stretch of the amagination imagination.I was told that I was a Rebel, a Dreamer, and wont amount to anything!!! I guess I was different and not as smart as my fellow students but later in life I found that they were lost. I am what you call a Self Starter not a Follower, Interesting!!
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