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XMAS GIVEAWAY Its a go ! Just Unveiled :): via @robertgsolomon — Robert G Solomon (@RobertGSolomon) December 16, 2015
I know you have been waiting for our special guest post the last few days, we are working out some details. I want to do a recording (audio) but for time reasons I will have my guest start off with a ... Read More
TGIF to everyone, I have a wonderful surprise for my fellow Entrepreneurs that will captivate and inspire you to think "WHAT"S YOUR EXCUCES NOW". I have invited a veteran business leader who has been a success in retail management for over 30 years. I ... Read More
So you clicked on this post hoping to find some fun in marketing, right? Well lets start by me saying its hard at first to determine what your readers are thinking when they read a Headline! I know us Humans are predictable to some degree and I would ... Read More